About πMatch

What is πMatch?

πMatch, spelled PI-Match (Personality Interview Match) is our way to help you find the perfect partner.

It is based on the simple flirt principle that holds true for hundreds of years, either online or offline: ask your flirt questions that are important to you. With πMatch you can do this within youneaty and our powerful matching system will find your best matches!

How does it work?

What do you do when dating somebody? Right, you ask each other questions about things important to you. This way, you find out if you share the same interests and mentality or if you just "don't fit".

So with πMatch, you just honestly answer multiple choice questions we have prepared. But besides stating your answer, you also select those answers you would like your potential partner to choose. This way, we find out both what you think and how your partner should think.

Evaluating your answers

After you answered some questions, we are able to find best matching partners for you. How do we do that? We try to find those flirters, that answered the same questions as you did. Then we match your answers with the desired ones of your potential match and vice versa. This way, we can calculate a score that represent - in percent - how well you both do match (in our opinion).

What do I need to do to get best matches?

All you have to do is to answer as many questions as possible and most important: be honest.

Why is there no matching score for some members?

We can only calculate a matching score if the following is true:

  • You and the other member do have at least answered 30 common questions. So if you are interested in the score for a certain user, go to "His/Her Answers" page and find those questions you did not yet answer.
  • Your profiles (not only the answers) match. That is, at least your gender must match the seeked gender of the other and vice versa. Otherwise we do not even bother calculating a score.